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Faculty Development

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PLEASE NOTE: These modules have now been transferred to the HEE e-Learning for Health platform and should be accessed via

No new accounts should now be created. Please follow the above link to access the modules.

This suite of modules will be completely decommissioned in September 2017, from which point it will no longer be accessible.

About E-Learning

The e-learning modules cover core topics in clinical teaching and learning. Each of the modules follows the same format: definition of the topic, background information and suggested activities to be carried out in the workplace.

You can read through the modules without registration, but by registering on the site you can gain access to the reflective area and receive a certificate on completion of the module.

The activities within a module are not marked, but in order to successfully complete the course you must log the actions you have taken or observed in the Reflective Area.

How to undertake an eLearning module

1. Register for an account. This can be done via the eLearning homepage here.

2. Choose the module you wish to undertake. The full list is available here.

3. Enrol on the module. You do this by selecting ‘certificate’ at the bottom of the module’s first page and clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.

4. Proceed through the module. You can enter reflections in your ‘My Area’ – the link to which is located on the upper right hand side of the screen.

5. Enter your final reflections in your Reflections Area and click ‘Save’.

6. Return to your ‘My Area’ and click on the ‘complete’ link (under the ‘Status’ column).

7. A link to your certificate will now appear in your ‘My Area’.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find a link to ‘My Area’. Why?

You have not logged in. You can log in here. If you do not have an account then you can register for one here.

I have retaken a module but my certificate has not updated. What do I do?

Unfortunately the system does not recognise retakes. Please email stating your name and the module(s) you have undertaken and we will email your updated certification to you.

I have undertaken a module but it is not appearing in ‘My Area’. What do I do?

If your module is not appearing in your ‘My Area’ then it is because you have not enrolled on it. Return to the first page of the module and scroll to the bottom of the page. You should see a question asking why you are undertaking the learning. Select ‘certificate’ and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

My reflections will not save / I cannot mark my module as complete. What do I do?

In the vast majority of cases this will be because your browser is incompatible. This can be solved by clicking on the ‘edit without visual editor’ link (located at the bottom of the reflections text box) in your Reflections Area. A simplified text box should appear. This should allow you to save your reflections.

If the problem persists please email We will then issue your certificate to you via email.

Which domains of the Professional Development Framework do the modules map to?

An outline of which domains each module maps against is available as an appendix to the Professional Development Framework for Supervisors in London. This can be downloaded from here.

Do your eLearning modules attract CPD points?

Multiprofessional Faculty Development has not applied for CPD points to be awarded for module completion. It is our understanding that in most cases eLearning cannot be claimed for CPD points. You may be able to claim this activity as CPD credits (usually these are self-assessed on the basis of one credit per hour of learning). Clarification should be sought from your royal college or other relevant body.

Can I use content from your eLearning modules in my own material?

The modules are available for use under a non-profit creative commons licence. This means that material can be used, copied and reproduced provided that the source is acknowledged and that the reproduced material is provided free of charge. For further information on this license please see here.


E-learning for clinical teachers was designed, edited and commissioned by Judy McKimm and Tim Swanwick. Original web design and imagery by Far Studios. London Deanery assistance from Linda Barton and Jon Wilkinson. Copy editing by Jill Cropper.