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Preparation: appraisee reflective tasks

Much of the previous two sections has been to do with your preparation as the appraiser, and we will say a bit more on this shortly, but what about the other person concerned? How will you encourage and support the appraisee to prepare in a similar way for their’ appraisal discussion?

For UK doctors, it is very helpful for appraisees to become familiar with an online appraisal toolkit and to start collecting supporting information in line with the principles in Good Medical Practice well in advance of their appraisal. It is also useful for the appraisee to think about more generic issues, so other reflective activities might include:

  • looking through the job description across all their roles
  • reviewing their current work and personal development objectives and noting down how they feel they have performed against them
  • considering how they have developed personally and professionally over the review period
  • looking back at any formal training or development they have undertaken and how it has helped their job performance
  • considering what their future objectives should be and any related development needs
  • carrying out significant incident analyses or keeping a reflective journal or log.

Another framework for considering broad aspects of personal review is the following grid:


Review grid

Reflecting on things they are proud of or have achieved, things they have found difficult, things that have helped and things that have hindered can be a helpful way for the appraisee to think about some of the ideas and observations they would like to bring to the discussion. Coming back to your own preparation, a question that is always worth asking shortly before any appraisal discussion is ‘what am I trying to achieve?’ And this brings us back to the points made at the beginning of this module. An answer along the lines of helping, encouraging and supporting the appraisee to improve or further enhance their future job performance will help to set the mental scene very nicely.

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