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Faculty Development

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The virtual faculty collection


Welcome to the new virtual faculty collection.  The Multiprofessional Faculty Development Team, working in partnership with eKAT (electronic Knowledge Access Team) and the London and South East Health Libraries networks, provides all healthcare professionals who are eligible for an NHS OpenAthens account with access to a range of electronic journals.

The FREE e-resources below focus on key faculty development issues including clinical supervision and supporting workplace learning.  Clinical teachers across the NHS can keep up to date with developments, debates and research in the field of clinical education.

In order to access the resources you will need to ensure that you have an NHS OpenAthens account.  OpenAthens is an access management system enabling eligible users to access professional academic resources.  If you are unsure about whether you already have an account, or you wish to set up an account please contact your local library service or email

You can also self-register for an OpenAthens account by following the instructions at:

When you have your OpenAthens account username and password, please consult the table below to access each of the journals and e-books separately.

Journal title

Issues available

American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

1998 onwards

BMC Medical Education

2001 onwards

British Journal of General Practice

12 month embargo

Clinical Teacher


2004 onwards

Education for Primary Care


2005 onwards

Harvard Business Review

1922 onwards


InnovAiT: education and inspiration for general practice


2008 onwards

International Journal of Nursing

2012 onwards

International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship

2005 onwards


Journal of Chiropractic Education

2010 onwards

Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing

1970 onwards

Journal of Continuing Education Topics and Issues

2010 onwards


Journal of Dental Education

2004 onwards

Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions

All issues

Journal of Graduate Medical Education

2010 onwards

Journal of Interprofessional Care


1997 onwards

Journal of Nursing Education

1962 onwards


Journal of Nursing Education and Practice


2011 onwards

Medical Education


1966 onwards

Medical Education Online


1996 onwards

Medical Teacher


1997 onwards

Nurse Education in Practice

2003 onwards (with 2 month embargo)


Nursing Education Perspectives

2001 onwards


Open Nursing Journal

2007 onwards

Postgraduate Medical Journal

1925 onwards


Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care

1983 onwards

Teaching and Learning in Medicine


1997 onwards


If you want more details about the full range of ejournals available to you, please visit  To see all the journals that you are entitled to access, your need to login with OpenAthens.  Contact your local library service or email if you require further assistance.


There are also some relevant electronic books available to all staff across London only.

You must log in with your NHS OpenAthens username and password to read these ebooks.  Please follow the Athens link on the screen if you are not already logged in.





Clinical leadership from A-Z

Weir-Hughes, D.


Communication skills for adult nurses

McEwen, A.


Consultation skills for mental health professionals

Sears, R. et al


The doctor’s communication handbook

Tate, P.


From teams to knots: activity-theoretical studies of collaboration and learning at work

Engestrom, Y.


The inner consultation

Neighbour, R.


Mastering virtual teams

Duarte, D.


Professional issues in primary care nursing

Cox, C. et al


Skills for communicating with patients

Silverman, J. et al


Teaching and learning communication skills in medicine

Kurtz, S. et al



You may have access to additional ebooks via your local library service.  Please contact your local library service or email for assistance.


If you are based in Stewart House or have an OpenAthens account which belongs to the HEE London teams organisation ID, you can access these additional electronic books:




ABC of learning and teaching in medicine

Cantillon, P. and Wood, D.


Career counselling

Nathan, R and Hill, L.


Clinical supervision in the medical profession

Owen, D and Shohet, R.


Clinical uncertainty in primary care: the challenge of collaborative engagement

Sommers, L and Launer, J.


Coaching skills: a handbook

Rogers, J.


Contemporary theories of learning

Illeris, K.


Effective interprofessional education: development, delivery and evaluation

Freeth, D et al


Engaging patients in healthcare

Coulter, A.


Evidence-based policy: a realist perspective

Pawson, R


Handbook of clinical supervision: fundamental international themes

Cutcliffe, J. et al


Improving workplace learning

Evans, K et al


Making social worlds: a communication perspective

Barnett Pearce, W.


The political economy of health care: where the NHS came from and where it could lead

Hart, J.T.


Reflection in learning and professional development: theory and practice

Moon, J.



Understanding medical education

Swanwick, T.