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Faculty Development


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You are here: Home / Professional Development Framework for Supervisors / Requirements on Trusts and other Local Education Providers

Requirements on Trusts and other Local Education Providers

All named clinical and educational supervisors must be selected and accredited for their role against the Professional Development Framework areas on a regular three-yearly cycle of review.

There is no ‘one size fits all’, but the outcomes of local processes are expected to be that:

1. A database of all nominated clinical and educational supervisors is established and maintained by the Trust or local education provider. This must include a record of training undertaken, accreditation date and recommendations made with regard to future development.

2. Annual reporting to Faculty Development on all named supervisors within the Trusts, their training and accreditation status reports sent to Faculty Development must include GMC numbers and email addresses.

3. A process of portfolio-based accreditation for named supervisors is established with a rolling three-yearly cycle of review.

4. The accreditation/reaccreditation process is carried out against the Professional Development Framework.

5. The process must be linked to a review of results from the GMC trainee survey or equivalent where available.

6. The process must be developmental, i.e. it must incorporate identification of needs for further development as an educator in the form of a personal development plan.

7. The review will also result in a formal statement of accreditation from the Director of Medical Education (or nominated deputy or equivalent), including a recommendation in relation to the supervisor’s educational workload in accordance with the educational tariff. This recommendation should be in such a form that it can be carried forward as a basis for negotiation in the annual consultant job planning process.

8. A clear and transparent selection process is established for all new named clinical and educational supervisors. Named supervisors would normally be expected to submit an evidenced portfolio to the Director of Medical Education (or nominated deputy or equivalent) before taking on their role.

9. All named clinical and educational supervisors must be able to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of the Framework and participate in the local review process when called. The ‘grandfather clause’ or accreditation based on past experience alone is no longer available.

10. Trusts and other local education providers must provide an ongoing programme of faculty development in accordance with the identified development needs of all educators within the Trust or provider.

11. Provided the above outcomes are achieved, Trusts may develop their own administrative processes. A sample  portfolio is provided together with suggestions for implementation. Some Trusts are developing e-portfolios for supervisors. Examples can be found at the faculty development website

12. Trusts and other local education providers will be required to demonstrate that they are meeting the requirements of the Professional Development Framework for Supervisors as an integral part of routine quality and contract management processes.