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Introduction to Teaching Out of Hours

Course Content:
This is a course for GPs working in the area covered by the London Local Teams (HENCEL, HENWL, HESL) with an interest in teaching who wish to supervise specialty trainees in the Out of Hours (OOH) setting.  It is also useful for those who wish to refresh or develop their out of hours teaching skills.

Educational training is now a prerequisite for doctors who wish to supervise trainees in an OOH setting and is required by most OOH providers. There are some aspects in common with the Introduction to Teaching in Primary Care (ITTPC) course, but the emphasis is different because of the out of hours context. In order to enrol you are required to provide factual evidence of OOH involvement over the last 3-6 months, or a letter of support from the practice concerning concrete future plans. The course is one full day, 9.30am to 4.30pm and includes:

  • Skills of an effective teacher and teaching methods
  • learning needs assessment
  • giving feedback in the out of hours situation.


Those with current involvement in OOH and are wanting to supervise learners and/or those with practice learners and concrete future plans to supervise them out of hours are eligible to apply. This course is not suitable for: established trainers, current participants or graduates of the Postgraduate Certificate for Teachers in Primary Care or those who have previously attended ITTPC.

Dates and Bookings
A list of available dates is available via our online shop where you will also be able to make your booking,

Duration: One day course


Contact: Please contact Kevin Gargan, Educational Projects Coordinator, via with any queries