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Practical Skills for Educational Leaders

Course Description
This three day course will provide a wide range of information and interactive activities to stimulate reflection not just on individual perspectives and practice but also on the policy and pedagogy employed in postgraduate medical education and training.

PLEASE NOTE: Some bespoke courses are offered free-of-charge. Availability can be checked upon request by emailing

Aspects of educational leadership which will be addressed include:

  • Practical – success and challenges of educational leadership, organising educational teams, implementing policy, negotiating and dealing with difficult learners and trainers
  • Experiential – reflection on policy and practice; planning for change; self appraisal; problem solving
  • Organisational – policy; culture; generational differences; procedure and protocol; motivating colleagues
  • Psychological – behaviour, attitudes, values, beliefs; dealing with the reasons for difficult behaviour
  • Pedagogical – educational methodologies and their impact on learning and patient care

The format of the days will include:

  • Small group activities
  • Short interactive lectures
  • Discussions
  • Paired work
  • Problem solving
  • Individual reflection
  • Planning for practice

The sessions will include outside speakers from medicine, research and industry and there will be the opportunity to reflect on current literature and policy through small scale practical work between sessions.

Solutions to challenges identified by the group will be presented at the end of the programme.

Dates and Bookings
Please contact Christine Strickett, Educational Projects Coordinator, via for details of dates currently available.