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Human rights

Human rights are the basic rights and principles that belong to every person in the world. Human Rights are based on the FREDA principles: Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity and Autonomy’. (EHRC). Human rights protect an individual’s freedom to control their day-to-day life, and effectively participate in all aspects of public life in a fair and equal way.

Human rights help individuals to flourish and achieve potential through:

  • being safe and protected from harm
  • being treated fairly and with dignity
  • being able to live the life you choose
  • taking an active part in your community and wider society.

Intrinsic to these statements should be the principles of equality and diversity.

Since 1998 the UK has also included human rights within its legal framework. The Human Rights Act applies to all public authorities and bodies performing a public function. The Human Rights Acts places the following responsibility on your organisation.

  • Organisations must promote and protect individuals’ human rights.  This means treating people fairly, with dignity and respect while safeguarding the rights of the wider community.
  • Organisations should apply core human rights values, such as equality, dignity, privacy, respect and involvement, to all organisational service planning and decision making.

The Human Rights Act provides a complementary legal framework to the anti-discriminatory framework and the public duties.

Visit the Equality and Human Rights Commission website for useful resources and information.

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