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Faculty Development

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Self-Assessment Activities

Select one or more of the activities below to focus your attention on developing your feedback skills and putting into practice some of the learning from the module.

1 Giving formal feedback

Select between one and three occasions when you are formally required to give feedback to a student or trainee. Examples might be appraisal, feedback to a medical student at the end of a clinical placement, a written or clinical assessment or a Foundation Programme assessment.

Using one of the checklists or feedback structures described in this module that is new to you, carry out the feedback session(s).

List some of the advantages and difficulties you encountered.

2 Developing opportunities for informal feedback

Select some of the key points and approaches from this module that you feel are important in developing opportunities to give informal feedback to the students or trainees who work with you.

Make a positive commitment to introduce more feedback into your work with learners as routine and try out some of the approaches you identified as appropriate to your situation. This may involve you giving more feedback, encouraging the learners to seek feedback as routine from others and involving peers, other health professionals or patients in giving informal feedback.

Observe the reactions of the learners (and others) to your modified approach.

List some of the advantages and difficulties you encountered.

3 Multi-source feedback

Find out what training opportunities have been (or could be) put in place for trainees and those giving feedback in your trust.