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Self-Assessment Activities

Select one or more of the activities below to develop your understanding and application of interprofessional education.

If you are registered on the site, you can write up your reflections in the ‘reflections area’. Click on the ‘my area’ link at the top of the page to access your personal pages. Please note you must be logged in to do this.

Activity 1

Think about your own educational experiences. List the times you have been involved in interprofessional education and which professional groups have been involved.
Considering some of the findings from the papers described in the module, can you identify some of the positive and less positive aspects of IPE as a learner, for example stereotyping, dominance of some professionals over the group, or some groups or individuals being directly or indirectly excluded from the learning process.

Activity 2

List some of the issues and challenges that may have to be addressed if IPE is going to be introduced in your clinical teaching context. This may be at undergraduate or postgraduate levels or in the clinical training context.
What similarities and differences have you thought about?
Freeth suggests that IPE may be more relevant and meaningful to post-registration learners such as trainees than to undergraduate students (2008, pp. 14–15). What are your thoughts on this?

Activity 3

Identify a learning event that normally includes only one professional group. Using the learning and examples from the module, plan how you can involve other professionals in the learning, identify specifically what value each of the groups will get from the session and how learners will learn from, about and with one another.
Once you have carried the session out, think carefully about what worked well and what you might improve.