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Workplace Based Assessment

Workplace Based Assessment

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This module outlines some principles of assessment and considers recent advances that have led to the implementation of workplace-based assessment. It defines some of the principles underpinning the design of workplace-based assessment and considers the tools that have been used within a programme of workplace-based assessment. It also considers how to address the somewhat thorny issue of ‘reliability’ of this sort of assessment.

Before you start

Before you start the module we recommend that you spend a few minutes thinking about the following points and noting down some of your thoughts. If you are registered on the site, you can do this in the ‘reflections area’. Click on the ‘my area’ link at the top of the page to access your personal pages. Please note that you must be logged in to do this. Please also note that you will need to contribute to the ‘reflections area’ during the course of the module in order to complete and print out your certificate.

Thinking points

  • Can you think of some professional competencies that are difficult to assess within traditional assessments, e.g. multiple-choice tests, written papers, OSCEs, etc?
  • Can you identify some ways in which you might assess one of these competencies using information derived directly from the doctor’s working environment?
  • What might be the advantages or disadvantages of such an assessment?



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