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Workplace Supervision in Primary Care

  • Provided by Multiprofessional Faculty Development, HEE

  • Free to attend

  • Time commitment: Three (face-to-face) days with additional reading

  • Audience: Multi-professional. Designed for all healthcare professionals who wish to undertake a supervisory role of any learner in primary care

This course will be available from January 2020. Applicable to all health care professionals wanting to supervise any learner in primary care, the emphasis will be on workplace and clinical supervision, and inter-professional learning and working.

Programme: this course will cover (indicative topics)

  • Teaching methods

  • Feedback

  • Professional and workplace curricula

  • Professional identity

  • Policy, workplace and individual enablers of inter-professional working and learning

  • Workplace supervision – promoting safety, affordances and autonomy; the role of entrustability

  • Assessment – developmental, formative and summative

  • Teaching and assessment using clinical narrative (case based discussions)

  • Teaching and assessment using direct observation (clinical skills)

  • Learners in need of additional support – recognition and reporting

Eligibility: Participants should be able to demonstrate:

  • A substantive clinical role in primary care

  • Availability for all course days

  • Support from their practice or organisation.

For GPs undertaking this course as part of the approval process to become a GP Educator, you will receive a certificate of satisfactory completion at the end of the course, enabling you to APPLY TO BECOME a Clinical Supervisor, OOH Supervisor or FY2 Supervisor role, and/or to enrol in the Educational Supervisor course to become a GP Trainer.

To be placed on the mailing list to receive notification of dates, please contact: / 0207 866 315