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Faculty Development


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Facilitator Packs

Short Courses: Facilitators’ packs

The London Deanery Professional Framework for Supervisors outlines the training and accreditation required in order for supervisors in London Trusts to meet regulatory requirements that came into force in January 2010.  The Framework derives directly from the PMETB Generic Standards for Training (PMETB 2008). It applies to all those doctors acting as clinical and educational supervisors working within Trusts and other local education providers within London.

The framework is designed around seven key areas of activity, all of which relate to the role of the postgraduate medical supervisor.  The precise emphasis on individual areas varying depending on the supervisory role.

The seven areas are:

• Ensuring safe and effective patient care
• Establishing and maintaining an environment for learning
• Teaching and facilitating learning
• Enhancing learning though assessment
• Supporting and monitoring educational progress
• Guiding personal and professional development
• Continuing professional development as an educator

The London Deanery Faculty Development short courses Facilitators packs have been developed to enable Faculty Development providers to offer short courses in fulfillment of the seven areas of the Framework.  The courses are offered in two modes of delivery – day or half day workshops, or alternatively in sessional delivery over a period of weeks, taking place over a lunchtime or within scheduled meeting time.

The short courses offered are:

  • Educational Supervision
  • Developing Clinical Teaching
  • Workplace based learning and assessment
  • Managing the trainee in difficulty

Short courses – modes of delivery

Two modes of delivery are offered. Three of the courses can be run over a day, and the fourth over a half day session. Alternatively the same materials can be presented in sessional format of between four and six one hour meetings, designed to fit into a lunch hour or a scheduled weekly meeting slot.

How to choose which mode of delivery

The one day format may be more beneficial if there is a discrete cohort of clinicians who wish to plan and implement the ideas and practices from the courses into their own departments or contexts and need to do so quickly. Working as a group for one day (or a half day) could be the catalyst for further faculty development initiatives within a Trust or a department. Planning for such initiatives could be built into the day and timetabled following the day.

The sessional format has practical benefits in a busy Trust, but there is an increased risk that not every participant will be able to attend every session every week. However the advantage to this mode of delivery is one of time for reflection and implementation between sessions. Implementation may happen more slowly but incrementally within or across the Trust or departments.

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