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Professional Development Framework - 2012 Update

The 2012 edition of the Professional Development Framework for Supervisors in the London Deanery has now been published and is available for download here.

The London Deanery Professional Development Framework was launched in 2009 to enable Trusts and other providers to select, train and accredit supervisors, ensuring that they have the necessary knowledge, skills and approaches to help develop and support trainees. The framework applies to all those doctors and dentists acting as clinical and educational supervisors working within Trusts and other local education providers within London. General practice and primary care dental trainers are governed by separate regulations.

Currently, more than 3000 educational supervisors have engaged in the accreditation process using the London Deanery Professional Development framework, with more than half demonstrating evidence of learning in at least six of the seven domains (London Deanery Trainer Census 2011). This represents significant progress promoting improved quality of supervision and therefore:

  • patient safety
  • enhanced quality of care
  • more rapid acquisition of trainee knowledge, skills and professional attitudes.


However, to sustain and build on these gains further progress is needed. The importance of accrediting supervisors is recognised by the current General Medical Council (GMC) consultation on proposals regarding the recognition and approval of trainers. The GMC is proposing to apply the seven areas set out in the Framework for the Professional Development of Postgraduate Medical Supervisors published by the Academy of Medical Educators (2010). The London Deanery Professional Development Framework is entirely consistent with that of the Academy of Medical Educators. 

The 2012 edition of the London Deanery Professional Development Framework has been updated to highlight its alignment with the GMC proposals, including the requirement that both educational supervisors and 'named' clinical supervisors - those responsible for supervision within the context of a given clinical placement - fulfil the development requirements of the seven areas of the framework and take part in a regular process of review.   Through the review process, supervisors are required to identify their learning needs and to further their on-going professional development as an educator. The ‘grandfather clause' or approval based on prior experience alone which was introduced three-years ago, is therefore no longer available. This edition includes updates on: the selection and reaccreditation of supervisors; the development of local faculty development programmes in London Deanery Trusts; and a structured portfolio for both named clinical and educational supervisors.