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Simulation, Education & Clinical Practice

Simulation, Education and Clinical practice: a colloquium to review the current state of play and priorities for the future

An invitation from the Institute of Education

15th December, 2-5 p.m, Nunn Hall, IoE

We would like to invite you to a colloquium on simulation-based clinical education. This event will bring together a group of people interested in, and experienced with, the use of simulation for professional and workforce development, to review the range of current educational practices and identify research and development priorities for the future. The event will be hosted by the Institute of Education, and invitations are being sent out to clinical education faculty across London.

We have organised this colloquium because there does not currently appear to be a space to discuss the educational issues raised by simulation: existing LETB networks do consider this, but involve trusts within local areas only; and there is a tendency to focus on immediate funding and administrative matters, rather than longer term educational ones. However, it is important, we would argue, to have an occasion on which to articulate and compare educational approaches and discuss how these are likely to, and/or could, develop further, including through research.

The colloquium has been organised to share practices and concerns, as well as articulate an agenda for some form of collaborative working. It is not intended to disseminate research outputs or offer a seminar on educational theory. In this spirit, we would like participants to bring with them thoughts on three issues: (1) the rationale for their approach to simulation; (2) a short list of concerns or interests relating to the future development of simulation-based clinical education  and associated research, and (3) evaluation strategies for simulation, which enable, or might enable, comparisons to be made across practices. The third of these issues will be the focus of one discussion, and could be the basis of outline research proposals on this topic which we then take forward as a group.

The agenda for the day is as follows:

1.30-2 p.m.: Coffee

2p.m.: 5 minute presentations and discussion for each centre on the rationale for their approach to simulation

2.45: Facilitated discussion on the educational issues facing simulation-based practices

3.30: Coffee

3.45: Reviewing evaluation strategies

4.15: Setting a research agenda – what do we need to know that research can tell us?

5: Close

Please RSVP to confirm attendance, and to receive details of the venue: