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Faculty Development


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Educational Supervision

About this guide

The purpose of this brief guide is to help you facilitate workshops on educational supervision. The guide contains essential materials you may need to deliver a workshop. The course objectives are specified and aligned to the activities provided. Slide sets and programmes are included to enable minimal preparation time. Reading lists and support activities are provided. The slides and notes however should be regarded as suggested approaches to the course and to sessions. After reviewing the guide, or possibly after having run several courses using the guide, you may decide not to use some of material or suggested activities and develop your own approach instead.

Why have guides been developed?

As Lead and Local Education Providers take on greater responsible for offering appropriate support, development, and monitoring of clinical and educational supervisors, the guides have been developed to enable courses to be offered locally that can help supervisors meet the requirements of the London Deanery Professional Development Framework for Supervisor.

Who are the guides for?

The guides for facilitators are designed to be useful for all those involved in leading faculty development sessions for consultant colleagues and senior trainees. Facilitators may be existing Deanery educators and clinical educators, local clinical educators with experience of faculty development facilitation, and/ or senior nurse educators and external educators with experience of working with clinical teachers.

Reference material

Where permission has been granted from publishers copies of articles referred to in the guide are available to download. Otherwise, the articles may be available via HILO ( or contact your local library and information service for help in obtaining copies (to locate your local library see: However, please note that any copies made by, for or on behalf of staff employed by the NHS England  are subject to the terms and conditions of the NHS England copyright licence (see the following link for more details: 

What do you think?

We would welcome your feedback on the guides. Please fill out the e-mail feedback form here

Guide Contents

1. Notes for facilitators - download here

2. Powerpoint presentation - download here

3. Practical session structure - download here

4. Basic guidelines for an educational supervision session - download here

5. Guidelines for effective supervision summaries - download here

6. Educational supervision review form - download here

7. Course evaluation form - download here

8. Suggested further reading - download here

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.