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2. Continuing Professional Development

You must have completed 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the three year period since your registration was last renewed.  The NMC has devised a log for you to complete to demonstrate your CPD evidence.   This can be found at:

Of these 35 hours, 20 hours must include ‘participatory’ learning - i.e. learning with others. This could be face to face or online. The participatory learning element is designed to help address the professional isolation that some nurses experience; this can be especially true of Practice Nurses.  The purpose of CPD is to ensure that nurses keep their knowledge and skills up to date; lifelong learning is part of professional practice.

In your evidence, you will need to record:

  • The method of CPD
  • A description of the topic and how it relates to your practice
  • The dates on which the activity was undertaken
  • The number of hours (including the participatory hours)
  • The identification of the part of The Code most relevant to the activity
  • Evidence that you undertook the CPD activity.


Case Study: Fiona

Fiona is a Practice Nurse who is due to revalidate in 6 months’ time. In the past two years she has attended two separate study days, totalling 15 hours.


She needs to complete 20 more CPD hours; she could fulfil the requirement in a number of ways:


  • Participate in practice clinical meetings
  • Participate  in clinical supervision / coaching
  • Participate in mentorship updates
  • Attend study days/ updates
  • Undertake a module at the local University
  • Attend Practice Nursing Network/ Forum
  • Research clinical topics online or in a library
  • Undertake clinical audit
  • Shadow a colleague to enhance her understanding of her scope of practice.  


Thinking point

  • What CPD have you undertaken in the past three years?
  • How much of it was participatory* (with others)?
  • How have you used it to develop and improve your practice?
  • If you are participating in new CPD, ask yourself questions about your new knowledge and skills that will develop your practice.


*Participatory CPD is when you learn with others e.g. a Practice Network meeting.  The alternative is individual CPD e.g. researching a topic online.

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