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3. Practice-related feedback

Five pieces of practice-related feedback are required. The purpose of seeking and reflecting upon practice-related feedback is to encourage you to be more responsive to the needs of your patients and service users and those who care for them.

The feedback can come from a wide variety of sources:

  • Patients, service users, carers, students as part of your day to day practice
  • Friends and family feedback
  • Thank you cards
  • Team performance reports
  • Feedback to the group or practice
  • Feedback from colleagues e.g. nurses other healthcare professionals, reception staff, researchers, teachers
  • Complaints
  • Serious event reviews
  • Feedback received through your annual appraisal.


Click here to download the NMC template to help you record your practice related feedback.

Thinking point

  • Who are the best people to provide you with feedback?
  • How can you ask them?
  • When might be the best time to approach them?
  • How much time might you need to allow to realistically collect this feedback?
  • What might you do to ensure you collect a variety of feedback from various sources?


You may find it useful to undertake one of our modules on feedback:

Case Study: Sharon

Sharon is a Practice Nurse who works in a large, inner city practice.  She has been thinking about who she meets in her professional practice and who could provide her with practice related feedback. This is the list she has come up with so far:

  • The Practice Manager
  • My line manager, the Senior Practice Nurse
  • A colleague from  the local Practice Network
  • One of the GPs in the Practice
  • The Practice Health Care Assistant
  • One of the students  I mentor in the Practice
  • The Liaison Lecturer between the Practice and the local University
  • A patient I have been treating for some time
  • The Health Visitor who regularly visits the Practice
  • The local Pharmacist with whom the Practice collaborates
  • The visiting Community Psychiatric Nurse
  • The Primary Care Navigator
  • The Diabetic Specialist Nurse  who does weekly clinics at the practice
  • The Hospice Liaison Nurse

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