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Health and character, professional indemnity and confirmation


6. Health and character

    You must:

    • Be open and honest
    • Provide a health and character declaration
    • Declare if you have been convicted of any criminal offence or issued with a formal caution.

    These declarations will be completed as part of the revalidation online application.

    7. Professional indemnity arrangement

      You must declare that you have appropriate cover under an indemnity arrangement. Most employers provide appropriate indemnity cover for their employees – so, check with your employer.

      The NMC defines ‘appropriate cover’ and sets out further information for those who are employed, self-employed or undertake work in both roles.

      This declaration will be completed as part of the revalidation online application.

      8. Confirmation

        From the NMC’s perspective, Confirmation provides verification of the declarations you have made in your application to revalidate. The confirmation process involves having a discussion about your revalidation with an appropriate confirmer during which you will demonstrate that you have complied with all of the revalidation requirements, with the exception of Professional indemnity arrangements and health and character, which do not need to be discussed at the confirmation meeting.

        The NMC strongly recommends that your confirmer is your line manager – your line manager does not have to be an NMC registrant. The revalidation process is designed so that it can form part of the appraisal process.

        • If your confirmer is a nurse or a midwife, your reflective discussion can form part of the confirmation discussion.
        • If your confirmer is not a nurse or midwife, you will need to have your reflective discussion with a nurse or midwife before your confirmation discussion with your confirmer.


        Case Study: Sharon

        Sharon is a Practice Nurse who works in a large, inner city practice.  Her line manager is Maria who is the Senior Practice Nurse who manages all of the Practice nurses.

        In order to meet the NMC Revalidation requirements for April 2016, Sharon organises:

        • her reflective discussion, annual appraisal and her confirmation discussion with Maria in early March 2016


        Case Study: Lorraine

        Lorraine works for a single-handed practice (see page 11).  Her line manager is Raj, her GP employer.  In order to meet the NMC Revalidation requirements for April 2017, Lorraine organises:

        • her annual appraisal with Raj in January 2017
        • a reflective discussion with Registered Nurse colleague from  the local Practice Network in February 2017
        • a confirmation discussion with Raj in March 2017.


        The NMC has provided a form to record your confirmation and your confirmer will need to complete and sign the form. Your confirmer will need to agree to be contacted by the NMC if necessary for verification purposes. You will be required to enter the NMC PIN or other professional identification number, email, professional address and postcode of your confirmer.

        More information is available at

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