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Scope of practice and work setting

Nurses work in a wide range of areas and in order to record the practice hours you have achieved, you need to identify the scope of your practice. The scope of practice for most Practice Nurses will be providing direct clinical care and the work setting will most often be in General Practice. However for some Practice Nurses, the scope of practice may be Education or Policy.

Ways to demonstrate the hours of practice delivered include:

  • A job description / profile which indicates the number of hours you are contracted to work
  • Timesheets.


Action point

You might find it useful to draw up a revalidation timetable to plan when you will collect the information required i.e. when to contact the people to offer your practice feedback, ensure your five written reflective pieces are all written.


Below is an example of how Sarah, a Practice Nurse in a single-handed GP Practice, created a 6 month plan to meet the revalidation requirements.









Discuss revalidation plan  and process with Employer (GP)



Decide that employer will be my confirmer


Schedule appraisal


Share the NMC ‘Guidance for Employers’ with GP Confirmer


Have appraisal and Confirmation Discussion with employer



Ready  for Revalidation!


5 reflective accounts

5  pieces  of practice –related feedback

Reflective discussion

35 hours CPD

450 hours of practice


Ask 5 colleagues for feedback

Send reminders  - if necessary

Chase outstanding colleagues for feedback

Collate feedback from colleagues


Have 21 hours CPD.

Plan further 14 hours more CPD

Undertake 7 hours of CPD:

-Mentorship update  -3.5 hrs

-Practice Nurse Forum  - 3.5. hours

Undertake 7 hours of CPD:

Diabetes Study Day at local University -7hrs

Collate evidence of CPD

Write up CPD details and impact and link with The Code


Write two written reflection on MMC template – link

with The Code

Write one written reflection on NMC template link with The Code

Write one written reflection on NMC template link with The Code

Write one written reflection on NMC template link with The Code

Collate reflections to discuss with NMC registrant and confirmer


Identify possible NMC registrants for  reflective discussion, plan date.

Ask colleague from Practice Nursing Network, set date

Have discussion  with NMC registrant and complete NMC approved form.



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