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Why is Revalidation happening?

  • To raise awareness of the NMC’s Code (2015) and the professional standards expected of you, as a Registered Nurse.
  • To encourage you to reflect on the professional standards and demonstrate how you are ‘living’ the standards.
  • To encourage you to keep your knowledge and skills remain updated and to be aware of the changing needs of your patients, the public and fellow healthcare professionals.
  • To promote a culture of professional sharing, reflection and improvement.
  • To encourage you to engage in professional networks and discussions about practice.
  • To strengthen public confidence in the nursing and midwifery professions.


Thinking point

Think about The Code.

  • Where can you access a copy?
  • How does it affect your professional practice?
  • What does it mean to you to work within a professional code?
  • How can The Code help to strengthen your patients’ confidence in you as a Registered Nurse?
  • What can you start to put into your portfolio?


Information point

The Code (NMC 2015) is structured around four themes:


1. to prioritise people
2. to practise effectively
3. to preserve safety
4. to promote professionalism and trust.


    The Code was developed in collaboration with people who care about good nursing and midwifery. It can be used to demonstrate your professionalism.


    To access The Code click here:


    Action Point

    Set up an NMC Online account.  You must have an account in order to revalidate. Once it is set up, the NMC will send all future notifications to you by email.

    To set up an account, you can register at and use the step by step guide.


    Through your NMC Online account, you will be able to find out about your:


    • Revalidation application date: This is the date by which you must submit your revalidation application.


    • Renewal date: This is the date on which your registration expires. Your registration will be renewed from this date if you have successfully completed your revalidation application.


    The templates to be used for completing aspects of the revalidation process can be found at along with further information on each and every aspect of the revalidation process.

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