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Multiprofessional Podcasts for Clinical Educators

In August 2014 the Multiprofessional Faculty Development Team commissioned the development of a series of podcasts on issues in clinical education. These podcasts have been developed primarily for students enrolled on the Postgraduate Certificate for Teachers in Primary care and therefore some of these podcasts will be relevant to nurses, GPs and public health professionals only. However, we hope that many of them will be of interest to all healthcare professionals, whether in primary or secondary care, irrespective of the professional specialisation.

Please follow the below links to access podcasts on the following topics:

Assessing Educational Needs

Workplace Based Assessment

Curriculum Planning

Learning Styles

Learning Organisations


Adult Learning


Learning on the Ward Round

An Introduction to Case Based Discussion

Case Based Discussion (An Example)

Bloom's Taxonomy in Practice

Assessing a Training Practice

The Educational Supervisor Interview

The Trainee in Difficulty (Part One)

The Trainee in Difficulty (Part Two)