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FAQs - MSF tool

Multisource Feedback tool for Supervisors - frequently asked questions

Can I ask trainees to whom I provide clinical supervision to compete a return?

Yes. From September 2014, the tool is available for those who hold a named clinical supervisor post within a London healthcare organisation.

I am a clinical supervisor, can I take part?

Yes. The tool is now available to all named clinical supervisors in addition to all named educational supervisors.

I am a supervisor working in a London trust but I haven’t received an email and I want to take part

Not a problem - please go here: to register for an account.

I cannot nominate 5 trainees now as I only supervise 1 trainee at a time.  What should I do

Please nominate the trainee(s) that you can now, and return to the site to nominate new trainees when you have them.  Your account will remain open for 3 years.   The MSF database will send you regular reminders about nominating more raters. If you need to, you can turn off the database reminders as follows:

1. Log-on to your account  (If you don’t remember your password, please use the forgotten password link)

2. Go to the Nominate raters link on the left hand side and complete the section at the bottom.  I have nominated all the raters that I can at this point   Please send me reminders to add further raters on  (DD/MM/YYYY). This will stop the database sending you reminders until you have more trainees to nominate.

Why do I need to get 5 trainees to assess me?

The pilot suggests that getting assessment from 5 trainees will give a reliable score.

How does the MSF  tool for supervisors relate to re-validation?

The MSF tool for supervisors is a web-based feedback system for the evaluation of the effectiveness of postgraduate supervisors in secondary care. The purpose of the system is to first generate potential educationally important feedback to the supervisor about their own performance and second to provide evidence for re/accreditation as trainer part of a portfolio of evidence for the GMC accreditation of trainers programme.  In the long term it may also be used as contributory evidence for revalidation but is not intended to be a mandatory component.

How does the MSF tool for supervisors relate to other forms of MSF used/being developed in clinical practice?

The MSF tool provides evidence of trainee feedback that can be used in the supervisor’s portfolio. The evidence from this tool can contribute towards the 3-yearly educational appraisals recommended in the Professional Development Framework, complementing evidence from clinical practice.

What happens if a supervisor receives poor feedback from trainees?

The supervisor will receive an individual confidential report which they may choose to use to guide further professional development.  Organisations will only be provided with summary information of numbers of named supervisors who have activated their accounts, nominated trainees to rate them and received completed reports.

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